Telenor monthly Facebook package | WhatsApp and Facebook package Telenor

Telenor monthly Facebook package

Telenor Monthly Facebook Package: In this post, you will know about Telenor monthly Facebook package. Telenor monthly social pack plus provide you 6 GB data @ Rs 75/- inclusive tax. 

Facebook and WhatsApp monthly package Telenor:

Telenor social pack plus provide you 6 GB Data @ consumer price Rs 75/- inclusive tax. you use Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter on this package. To subscribe to this package Dial *660# and for the remaining MBs Dial *999#.

How to unsubscribe Telenor facebook package:

Telenor monthly social pack plus will expire after one month automatically. Once you subscribe to this package the amount will not be refunded. You also check Telenor monthly Whatsapp package.

Telenor Facebook package monthly code:

Telenor is the leading providing internet and telecom industry in Pakistan. It provides 3G/4G internet packages like Facebook and WhatsApp monthly package Telenor. You also check the Telenor sim lagao offer. Details are the following:

Telenor internet Package Bundle

Monthly Social Pack Plus

Facebook, WhatsApp & Twitter


6 GB


Subscription Code


Package Price

Rs 75/- Inc Tax


30 Days

Status Code


Package Price

Rs 75/- Inc Tax


30 Days

Status Code


Telenor bundle information


Telenor Minutes


Off Minutes




Telenor Helpline


General information about Telenor monthly Facebook package.


Q: How can I unsubscribe from Telenor monthly Facebook package?
Ans: It will expire after one month.

Q: How can I check the remaining MBs of the Telenor Whatsapp package?
 Ans: You check the remaining MBs from your My Telenor App home screen.

Q: What will be charged once the bundle expires?
 Ans: Customer will be charged Rs 4.8/ Mbs + Tax after expire of this Telenor internet whats package.  

Terms and Conditions:

  • The offer can not be resubscribed within Validity.
  • Packages are subject to change at any time.
  • The billing system allocates a part of the available data resource on MBS of your package when opening/accessing each application or website on the device which may result in allocating all available MBS for a bundle to these use cases. Therefore charging on standard rate might apply if another data-consuming use case/app/website is accessed. 
  • Intimation will be sent to customers regarding usage of resources at 80% and 100% consumption from bundles so that prompt action is taken to avoid Standard rate charging.   
  • A supplementary package provides hedging against accidental standard rate charging. 

Telenor Supplementary Offer:

Price:   Pkr 5/-
Volume:  300 MBs
Code:      *503#
Validity:    only once a month
  • Data packages can be availed in the 2G/3G network area.
  • The package will not renew once it expired.
  • Call setup charges are not applicable for this package.
  • Price and resources may vary based on geographical location.
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Telenor monthly Facebook package is the best monthly social pack plus by Telenor Pakistan. It provides you Facebook and WhatsApp monthly packages. 

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